About BIB

Bring Inhale Back is a grassroots movement backed by classmates at the Los Angeles yoga studio Maha Yoga and viewers of the Oxygen Network yoga series “Inhale” that seeks to obtain legal access to old Inhale episodes through organizing fans in mass and pressuring the network to put the show back on air and release a DVD set of all the episodes. We also seek to help Steve Ross produce new video media. You can follow us at @BringInhaleBack on Twitter and like Bring Inhale Back on Facebook.

Started in the Spring of 2000, the Inhale series opened the minds and enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide spreading heath, laughter, and acceptance. Aired weekdays from 6am to 7am, Inhale became our answer to the morning blues. In the Spring of 2010, Oxygen without warning canceled the show to the chagrin of dedicated students.

Bring Inhale Back was formed in the wake of the cancellation in response to the outcry of students looking for Steve Ross video media to continue their yogic journeys outside of the Maha Yoga studio. For the first time in many of our lives, we had found an exercise program that healed our injuries while kindling our spirits with happiness. We will fight to obtain legal access to such a positive influence in our lives and society as a whole. Now is the time for our movement to stand together and make that dream a reality!

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Join the Facebook Cause. The more people who show they care by joining, the more others know how many do care and the more collective power we have to influence and change the planet. Each additional member is a “vote” in support of Steve Ross and sign that another person is interested in Steve Ross video media.
  • Spread the word to friends and neighbors about the joys of Inhale with Steve Ross yoga. Invite them to participate now in the campaign. Ask them to join our cause and get in line for their copy of the ensuing DVD’s, reserve their username for the upcoming streaming videos, and be informed about local showing times for the new TV episodes.
  • Email, call, and write letters to the Oxygen Network requesting that they put Inhale back on air or produce DVD’s of the old episodes.

Our task is enormous. To succeed, Steve Ross needs all students of Maha Yoga and Inhale to join us in the work ahead. Only together, we can bring Inhale back.

Inhale yoga enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of students. Sustaining and spreading that love is what Bring Inhale Back is all about. Now, in this crucial time, our voice has extraordinary power. Let’s use it.

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