About Inhale

Salute the sun with Inhale. Legendary yoga guru Steve Ross brings his upbeat music and relaxed sensibility to a high-energy. This yoga workout, featuring the music of Wailing Souls, Al Green, Kirk Franklin and other contemporary artists, is the answer to the morning blues.

Inhale Yoga with Steve Ross was television series that ran for ten years from Spring 2000 until Spring 2010. The show as produced by Oxygen, hosted by Steve Ross, and filmed in Los Angeles. Viewers grew to love the Steve’s jokes, insights, and music.

Yes, You Can Yoga
Steve teaches Inhale so that students of all levels can follow along. If you listen to your body and hold the pose the way your body wants to — and can — you will increase your strength and flexibility. Many of the Inhale students groove to the music while holding the poses. Steve tells jokes. We try to create a relaxed, fun atmosphere in which to follow this ancient practice. This is no ordinary yoga class! Inhale with Steve Ross combines eclectic music and a sense of humor with a total workout for body and soul.

Inhale classes begin with a warm-up, move onto a series of standing postures, then go to the floor, and finish with Savasana. Each section when aired was broken up by a convenient two minute commercial break. Steve asks students to hang down with their legs apart and head to the floor during the standing postures, stay in downward dog, or relax on the floor during the commercial breaks.

The warm-up consists of usually hanging your head down with your legs apart to heat up your stiff body at 6am. But the class quickly shifts into downward and upward dogs. Sun salutations work around crescent pose.

The second standing part is the most challenging section with tough legwork. Steve holds crescent, warrior, and flows into half moon and standing split postures for strength work. But as always, you just do the best you can while watching the amazing flexible students in the studio class. As Steve sometimes suggests, go get a cappuccino and donut and just watch for awhile.

The third floor part starts winding the class down but gets deeper into your soft tissue. Pigeon, happy cow, bow, bridge, or everyone’s favorite frog are common poses.

The last part is a cool down that finishes with Savasana, corpse pose. Steve helps you relax your body and mind and reach bliss.

Why Inhale?
It keeps you limber and strong so you can beat other guests to the buffet. If you can practice yoga now, you can do it any time of the year. Yoga increases your energy so you can cook, shop, visit, and play to your heart’s content. If you start your day with yoga & music, you’ll be relaxed enough to enjoy your in-laws. Really. In fact, have them do it with you.

Inhale is a fun, challenging yoga show that anyone can do to their ability. The light atmosphere and personality makes you feel like you are right there in class with the studio students. Steve makes you laugh, plays funky music, and makes surprisingly insightful comments about life.

Yoga is a journey of discovery — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Named “guru of Los Angeles” by Vanity Fair, Steve Ross has practiced various styles of yoga for his entire adult life and has been an instructor since 1983. He has explored yoga’s physical, philosophical, and spiritual aspects. He currently runs his yoga studio Maha Yoga in Los Angeles, California.

Steve combines upbeat, inspirational music with a relaxed, easy sensibility that makes his classes some of the most popular in Los Angeles. His classes consist of a challenging “flow series” that include long holds and breathing with various non-traditional routines that leave the students feeling balanced and relaxed, yet fully worked out.

Song List

1. Mustang Sally – Commitment
2. Revolution – Kirk Franklin
3. I’ll take you there – Staple Sisters
4. Supersititions – Stevie Wonder
5. Love & Happiness – Al Green
6. I Wish – Stevie Wonder
7. Ain’t Nobody – Chaka Kahn
8. I Believe -Sounds of Blackness
9. Come Away with Me – Norah Jones
10. Let the River Run – Carly Simon
11. Got to be Real – Cheryl Lynn
12. Waking Dreams Meditation -Yoga/Reiki Relaxation.
13. If I ever lose my faith – Sting
14. Mercy, Mercy Me – Marvin Gaye
15. Ho Doi – Yulara [Vietnamese love song called “They Confront”]
16. A Thousand Years – Sting slow
17. Superman – Five for fighting
18. The Fly – Dave Matthews
19. Makambo – Geoffrey Oryema – (ending music) slow
20. Creep – TLC

21. Vise Versa Love – Barrington Levy
22. Angel Love / Devotion – Aeoliah
23. Teacher – Barrington Levy
24. Stomp – Kirk Franklin
25. Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand – Primitive Radio Gods
26. Best of My Love – The Emotions
27. Rock with You Mix – Brandy
28. Fields of Gold – Sting
29. Change the world – Eric Clapton
30. Shy Guy – Diane King (Reggie Mix )
31. Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
32. Let’s Stay together – Al Green
33. When the lights gone out – Ziggy Marley
34. First Light – Brian Eno
35. Ain’t to proud to beg – Temptations
36. The vanishing breed – Robbie Robertson
37. Nothin bout me – sting
38. 2/1 from the album: Music for Airports – Brian Eno
39. 2/2 from the album: Music for Airports – Brian Eno
40. Kothbiro by Ayub Ogada
41. Stars all seem to weep by Beth Orton
42. Happy ever after by Julia Fordham

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