Open Letter to Oxygen

Dear Oxygen / NBC Universal:
Attention: Amy Introcaso-Davis and Cori Abraham
Update: Click here to electronically sign this Petition.

We are writing this letter to petition you to grant us access to your canceled yoga show, Inhale with Steve Ross.  For the 10 years on air from the show’s inception in the Spring of 2000 until the cancellation in the Spring of 2010, Inhale opened the minds and enriched the lives of hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Since you cut the program, our only option to obtain episodes is to download illegal copies of pirated media off sites such as torrent servers or rerun a few saved episodes from our DVRs or off burned DVDs. The incentives to you are significant. There is a continued, passionate audience for the episodes which can be monetized to your benefit.

For proof of the large and enthusiastic following, please see our Facebook Group, the Maha Yoga guestbook, and Steve Ross’ Facebook page. Read the comments.  We members are fighting to bring Inhale back into our lives.

Please provide us with a means to access “Inhale” Yoga with Steve Ross. Please respond and open a dialog with us.

The Undersigned Members of Bring Inhale Back

132 Responses to “Open Letter to Oxygen”

  1. Ebony says:

    Missing & yearning for a Yoga experience only like what was found with “Inhale” with Steve Ross, I am very grateful for the YouTube Videos that can be seen. However, there are limitations to it-not getting the full seasons, volume, omissions of music & unable to play this [as a DVD] on TV. There are limitations. “Inhale” with Steve Ross is thoroughly enjoyable, and extremely beneficial in every part of body and mind that viewers appreciated on every level. I and others don’t think what Steve Ross’ Teachings and his entire program-studio & even his Students that were aired-offered can be found in any other Yoga experience as to what he gave. With I’m sure more comments to come in for the desire to have this program accessible through Programmed Television, or Seasons aired available for Purchase, please someone on the other side give an update to those of us waiting to see what will be available if anything. I check this Site and search engines to see if there is any measure that has been or will be taken in making “Inhale” with Steve Ross available and just find more comments-which is great support-but nothing more. For those who don’t ‘Facebook/Tweet/Pin’ and other Social Media Outlets, is there some way to provide status for all to receive, will there be any input given to viewers who miss this Program and are asking for it back in some kind of way? In all of these words, to sum it up in one, it was definitely SPECIAL. Thank you Steve Ross. I don’t think I ever said it, but I hope you see gratitude from feedback and longing for your program.

  2. April says:

    There is simply nothing that ought to replace Inhale on air. However, it would be logical to at least make episodes available to the public to both prevent ongoing use of pirated episodes and for the profits downloadable or DVD versions would rake in. Come on, Oxygen Network, breathe in and do the right thing.

  3. Kacy says:

    I took to Steve Ross’s show right away. I would feel bad if I missed a day. It was great and the music was great. I miss the show very much.It was the best yoga show I have ever watched. I liked it because it was an hour show and I liked Steve Ross too.

  4. KEVIN says:

    Bring back Steve Ross and Inhale one of the best shows i’ve enjoyed in years.

  5. Tracy says:

    I so miss doing yoga every morning w/Steve and his students. His was the 1st yoga program I ever tried and it was exactly what I was hoping it was yoga was meant to be. I’d watch it again if it were on tv again. Heck, I’d even buy the vids if they were made available!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I discovered Inhale in 2001 and loved it immediately. I have one VHS tape and a handful of videos on YouTube. I’ve tried other yoga videos and classes and can’t get into them…Inhale Yoga is the one for me. Steve breathes life into the class and adds something I haven’t found anywhere else. I keep waiting for the DVDs or for Oxygen to bring it back on air…please!!!! I need Inhale with Steve Ross in my life (and since I live on the east coast going to his studio is not an option)!

  7. oscar says:

    Just discovered Inhale and Steve Ross on youtube, great classes although the technical cues are limited, no probs for an experienced practicioner :-)

    Would be veryvery happy if Oxygene could bring Inhale back to the channel, either with new episodes or re-running the old ones.

    In the meantime – and especially if this is not happening – it would be great if all enthusiasts with recorded episodes would be kind and share the episodes you have – just like Raleigh have done – so kudos to him :-D

  8. Samantha Yaussy says:

    Please bring back inhale! Even if it is at 3 am, we’ll all record it. I haven’t watched the oxygen channel since it went off the air. At least release the set to DVD. I would pay handsomely for the entire set. It’s the best Yoga TV program that was ever produced. Thanks for your consideratoion.

    • Wanami says:

      Hi Tom,You should praobbly come in and try a class. Our classes are physically demanding. We teach an accessible yoga practice, but it is difficult and you will get a work out. We do have beginners classes on the schedule as well as one gentle class. We would recommend trying the gentle or beginners to see if it’s a fit for you. Also, make sure you get your physicians approval as well before coming in. Feel free to call or email with more questions.

  9. Heather H says:

    PLEASE bring this show back. None of the other yoga shows on any other media/channel, anything; compare to Inhale with Steve. I am also a fan who has had much relief from body aches (back, joints, etc.) during the time I was able to do yoga with Steve. I would love to be able to buy DVDs if you could make them available too. Thanks, Heather H.

  10. Rebekah Coats says:

    I had just started doing yoga and found Steve Ross’ Inhale program on Oxygen. He made me want to get up in the morning and exercise! I loved the music, his comments and the workout. This was the best yoga program I had found and then they took it off. Please bring it back or sell the DVD’s!! Thank you!

    • Skreemin Eagle says:

      Rebkah is right… Personally I would much rather watch quality shows like She’s having our baby, bad girls club,and other garbage of this ilk… So many more people would rather get up and sweat to some great yoga. However, the programming staff seem to be more interested in wondering what the next moronic show Oxygen can put on its schedule!

      • Skreemin Eagle says:

        Still waiting for Inhale to be considered the “PROGRAM OF CHOICE!” As with many others.. I too will NOT watch this channel due to junk programming. I’m surprised other networks haven’t approached Steve to create a new show. Fingers still crossed.

    • RaleighLOVE says:

      I have loaded full episodes of Inhale here:

      Enjoy :-)

  11. Elaine says:

    If you can’t put Inhale back on at least PLEASE allow it to be released it on DVD. Steve Ross has the magic that motivates me to do yoga and keeps me coming back. I’ve been patiently waiting. You’re promoting an unhealthy lifestyle by denying us Steve Ross.

  12. Mr. T says:

    I pity the fool who won’t bring back Inhale!

  13. April Damen says:

    Please bring Inhale back and release the episodes on dvd! I miss Steve Ross so much! His classes were always exactly what I needed, and I have yet to find an online or dvd course that can compare. My yoga practice has suffered without such easy access to such a fun and energetic class.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, the world is a better place with Inhale!

  14. Karin says:

    Please bring back Inhale!

  15. Tanah says:

    Bring back Inhale! Please. Steve Ross’s yoga is amazing & he is an amazing person. So many people want it back! Please bring it back. We miss his show so much!

  16. Vala says:

    I am begging for the release of the original episodes on DVD. I want them all!!

  17. Marcy G. says:

    Please bring back Inhale! Steve Ross is a one of a kind gem. Best yoga program ever!!

  18. Kim Trusty-Jones says:

    To the Programming Dept. of Oxygen Network/ NBC Universal
    re: reinstating Steve Ross Yoga show Inhale

    I and many followers of this program would love for the network to bring Inhale back to your morning lineup. Todays viewer is yearning for this kind of ‘reality program’ more and more. inhale was an inspiring, heathyl and entertaining morning ritual for many of us that do yoga workouts – and for many more that might like to try. It would be wonderful if Oxygen/NBC Universal could sign a new contract with Mr. Ross and create more episodes. I’m confident sponsors would jump at the opportunity to support such a programming choice, Please consider this option or at least work with Mr Ross and release the episodes on NBC s website or on DVD. Thank you,




  19. Suzette B says:

    I watched Inhale for several years and recently did a search and found it was no longer available. Please bring it back on Oxygen or make it available on DVD. It is the best yoga program I have ever seen.

  20. Lyn says:

    With all the shows that can be taken off the air, bring a good, positive, valuable program back on. Whatever the hurdles, I’m sure SOMETHING can be resolved. Thanks for listening.

  21. Robin says:

    It’s 2012 and I’m STILL missing Inhale.

  22. Shauna says:

    Please, at least release a DVD! I miss my yoga!

  23. Cecelia M says:

    I still miss the show and would really like to share the experience with my personal training clients. Please bring Inhale back.

  24. Heather says:

    When I was in high school I would wake up early every morning before school just to watch inhale and it made me feel great. I feel that yoga every morning made a major difference on my body and mind. Although unfortunately after I graduated and started working full time I was unable to watch Inhale in the mornings but recently my work schedule has changed and I went to pick it back up and to my shock it was no longer being aired. Please bring it back, it was an amazing way that relaxed me and made me happier as well as when I was doing yoga in the mornings my anxiety attacks decreased tremedously and I grew comfortable with Steve Ross he was relaxed and funny and had great music

  25. Raymond Zajac, Jr. says:

    I was disappointed to discover that INHALE was removed from the Oxygen network. I had slipped away from doing yoga for some time and started again in hopes that my 6:00am routine could be started again. Starting my day before wrok with INHALE made a differecne i my routine! What is left? Answer: Continuous back to back episodes of ROSANNE. Oh brother! Inhale has value and helps many people. Please bring back INHALE and Steve Ross!

    • Raymond Zajac, Jr. says:

      I was disappointed to discover that INHALE was removed from the Oxygen network. I had slipped away from doing yoga for quite some time and recently began again in hopes that my 6:00am routine could be reinstated. Starting my day before work with INHALE made a differecne in my routine! What is left? Answer: Continuous back to back episodes of ROSANNE. Oh brother! Inhale has value and helps many people. Please bring back INHALE and Steve Ross!

  26. Mukti says:

    Please! If you will not bring Inhale back at least release the episodes for purchase. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

  27. Katie says:

    Please bring this program back or produce dvd’s for sale. Personally I feel that the oxygen channel is worthless without it, to many mindless, dreadfully boring or just unintelligent programming.

  28. Tara says:

    I am very disappointed you cancelled INHALE. I have fibromyalgia and this is the only exercise that I can do that doesn’t make me feel as if I have gotten run over by a mack truck. I cannot believe old reruns of Roxanne have boosted your viewing audience. If it has, this world is in sad shape. Steve Ross has so much to offer those of us that need a way of exercising mind, body & spirit. Please reconsider what this show means to people.

  29. Jenny Pascual says:

    If you can’t bring back the show, please make DVD’s available.

    • Yenifef says:

      oneorbitThanks for posting. I serattd taking Barkan Method Hot Yoga (in Fort Lauderdale) last month and I was trying to learn more about it. Barkan seems like a really nice man and very clear in his descriptions. Namaste.

  30. Jessica m says:

    This is the best yoga class! Why would it be taken off the air? It was the only reason I had the oxygen channel bring it back!

  31. MLR says:

    Everyone has their reasons why they love Inhale, and I’m no different. I can’t believe that Steve hasn’t made DVDs by now if he is even slightly aware of the raging demand for them. Oxygen had no idea what a devoted following he has, I guess. Terrible decision! Bring it back, please!

  32. Cindy C says:

    Please bring back Inhale with Steve Ross. I was able to lose 60 pounds with his show. I need lose 40 more pounds. I am begging you to please bring back his show!

  33. Tracy says:

    Please bring back this program or share with the public your reasons for not doing so. A little transparency might go a long way in get this problem resolved.

  34. Winkay Reed says:

    it is absolutely the very best that yoga can be for me…I think Steve could retire and live the rest of his life whereever he chose just by making DVD’s available! Let him know how much we appreciate him and his gift to us so that we can be a legacy for generations to come!

  35. Eric C says:

    Bring back the show it was the best thing going for your network!

  36. Ken says:

    Please bring back Inhale!!! It was the only yoga show I ever enjoyed watching.

  37. Aubrey says:

    I would do anything to have Inhale back =[

  38. Dawn says:

    Inhale and Steve Ross turned me on to yoga and its many benefits and now they are my sole definition of yoga. Nothing else substitutes. I’m confused why Oxygen can’t program a show with such a devoted following, and I’m even more confused why Steve Ross doesn’t make a DVD. Maybe if we all stopped asking and pretended we didn’t care…

  39. Stan says:

    I’d love to see the show released on DVD (or to Netflix). I’ve only got a few episodes surviving on my DVR. Inhale was the best yoga show out there.

  40. Carolyn says:

    Bring back Inhale!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!

  41. erin h says:

    I discovered Inhale at age 17 while flipping through channels one morning after a sleepless night. I immediately became a devoted viewer. I had been introduced to yoga a couple of years earlier by a family member, but never experienced it like that. It made me look forward to getting up at 6 a.m. and I hate mornings! The music was such a nice departure from the earthy new age trance music you usually get in a yoga class or dvd (which is nice but tends to make me a bit sleepy after a while), and Steve Ross is quite an entertaining instructor. I would constantly find myself smiling and dancing through even the most painful of poses. I became unable to do many of the poses while expecting my first child and stopped watching. When i was ready to get back to it again I was shocked to find out it wasnt airing anymore. Inhale was on for so long I took it for granted, never expecting it to be cancelled. Yoga is a wonderful excercise for mind and body and was also confidence building for me. I was so proud of myself every time I was able to get into a pose previously impossible for me. I have never found another program like it. Im obviously not alone in wanting this show put back on. If this is not possible, dvds would be a wonderful alternative and an undoubtedly lucrative venture for whoever releases them…if you’re motivated by that sort of thing. Thank you.

  42. amyp says:

    I don’t care if you bring Inhale back to TV because when Inhale was canceled, I dropped Oxygen from my satellite package because the network was otherwise unwatchable. Then I realized that I was better off without pay television altogether. My life is so much better without TV.

    It is definitely in Oxygen’s best interest to release Inhale for sale as a DVD or iTunes download. I would buy a copy for sure. If Inhale isn’t released I’m sure a new production of yoga DVDs from Steve Ross would sell without any money going to Oxygen.

  43. Katherine says:

    PLEASE bring back INHALE! You have no idea how much it means to so many people. We need INHALE back in our lives!

  44. Sarah says:

    i’ve done yoga all my life and Inhale was the best…
    just right, not too hard or too easy
    got me in the best shape of my life!

    please lease please bring it back

  45. julie says:

    please bring back inhale. please.

  46. annabelle says:

    i stopped watching oxygen after inhale was cancelled!! How much more obvious can the viewers be that we want the show back!

  47. audrey says:

    please bring inhale back

    it was the best yoga program around

  48. Debbie says:

    I have written several letters in the past to bring back Inhale. I’m glad to see that so many others miss the show and want it brought it back. It was the BEST show on Oxygen! Please bring it back or allow us to buy episodes!

  49. Dana says:

    Best yoga show/class EVER! Changed my life, quite literally. Bring it back!

  50. ERin says:

    Please bring back INHALE!!!! Steve Ross is an incredible yogi who has changed the lives of many. I am one of them. I also have not viewed programming on Oxygen since the show was cancelled. If you will not put it back on the air, at least release a DVD set.

  51. Chris says:

    Please bring back INHALE or release the DVD’s!!

  52. Nicole J says:

    Inhale and Steve’s presentation was the only yoga that I have ever connected to. Please bring back this show or release DVDs – I would gladly purchase the set or subscribe to OWN / Oxygen to view it!

  53. Dara Prince says:

    Inhale was a truly unique yoga program, perfect for mornings because it was so energizing and fun! Please provide us with some access to these episodes!

  54. Victoria says:

    Please bring Inhale back to Oxygen or release Inhale onto DVDs.

  55. Annette says:

    Please bring back Inhale so I can start my morning the way it was meant to be :)

  56. Laura says:

    This show and Steve inspire people to not just get healthy but stay alive! I know I’m not alone missing this so please bring back Inhale!!

  57. Heidi Yost says:

    Please bring back the best yoga program on TV!

  58. Debby T. says:

    PLEASE bring back INHALE!!!! It is the best on T.V. We need Steve!

  59. Nickii H. says:

    I miss it! Please bring it back. Last I heard there were music rights issues, but I would hope those could be resolved so we can enjoy the show again. This program literally changed my life.

  60. latonia clark says:

    Please bring steve back or at least the re runs he is the best yoga intructor. He is the only reason I got oxygen back.

  61. D says:

    I would purchase an “Inhale” DVD set. This is programming with a positive effect. My body and mind miss it.

  62. Linda Perry says:


  63. Michele says:

    I am heartbroken, the satellite guy came today and installed a new dish which eliminated my recorded programs of “Inhale”. Five days a week for the last ten years. Please someone pick up this program and put it back on the air or somehow give access.

  64. NATALIE says:

    I agree what a terrible decision to replace a quality show with “Bad Girls Club” or whatever the name of that horrible show is. And who is watching it at 6am or 7am? That demographic is probably still up from the night before. That just shows the decline of the American people.

  65. Lorinda Schneider says:


  66. Martisha says:

    I stumbled upon Inhale with Steve Ross under strange circumstances: my brother had just been rushed to the emergency room for appendicitis. I was left home alone to care for my other three siblings as my parents took him. I was so stressed out and worried, I needed to do Something to clear my mind. I turned on the TV and there was Steve Ross, teaching a class full of students yoga. I was 16. I had heard of Yoga, but had never seen it done. Something inside told me to just try it. From 615-7am, I was doing yoga and I had Never had that much fun in my life. I practiced 5 days a wk and was faithful for an entire been. At 16, I was the most fit I had ever been. Due to traumatic circumstances over the past 9 yrs, I fell off. I have learned that I suffer from PTSD and depression stemming from those circumstances and found out that for years I’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia. I am currently on medication for the latter and have successfully completed therapy for the first two. As soon as I was ready to start yoga again, I found that Inhale had been pulled, yet again. I’ve been patiently waiting, following blogs, trying to find anyone who has any torrents to download or DVDs to burn without any success. Steve Ross has spoiled me to his way of doing yoga. In 9 yrs, I have searched and searched for a class similar to his, and I’ve had no luck. I would greatly love and appreciate his show being aired once again, or his DVDs sold. I will spend hundreds on them, just so I can feel better once again. Fibromyalgia isn’t a joke. This mess hurts. Gaining weight isn’t fun. It’s uncomfortable. Bring back the only yoga class, the only workout that I can stick to and have fun with. I beg you. This is my plea, my prayer, my petition. Thank you.

  67. Ann says:

    Please bring back Inhale with Steve Ross. It is one the most important shows on TV dedicated to improving mental as well as physical well being. I miss it so much.

  68. Mackenzie says:

    Please bring inhale back,

  69. MSmith says:

    Please bring back Inhale with Steve Ross. I only have ONE episode on my DVR and I’m feeling desparate! There is not a yoga show out there that can compare to Steve Ross. Please give us some answers ….

  70. Carolyn Lamberth says:

    Inhale helped me get through PostPartum Depression! I did INhale every am prior to my pregnancy and through a good portion of it as well, and I then returned to it when my daughter was about 5 months old. I truly adored this for of yoga and it helped me start my day with JOY, thus helping me to be a better mother to my baby!

    I now am 6 years later and have since had to have brain surgery and am limited in the types of exercise I can do but yoga is a good choice for me. In fact, it helps the condition I have often times. Sad thing is….I don’t have my INHALE!

    PLease bring it back or let Steve Ross create DVDs

  71. hilary says:

    Please. Ring back inhale. This show was the best way to start my morning. Thank god I have 3 episodes on my dvr.

  72. Mrs H says:

    I love me some daily Inhale. Please bring it back soon :-)

  73. Deny says:

    The programming of Bad Girls, etc. has a draw, but diversify the viewership overall with Inhale or its reruns. Inhale has more supporters than those who have found this site. Expanding Oxygen network demographics is a win and we’re talking an 1 hour spot in the early morning when the “young” viewers are not tuned in. Re-runs or DVD’s but with the music Steve Ross has been using.

    • Tony says:

      The problem is evoneyre wants to lose weight fast without working hard.I was 225lbs last month and i could barely breathe after i took a few steps.I found this video and only cut 100calories at first to start myself off and walked for 30mins 6days/week and i lost 10lbs in 1 month.Sometimes i wake up and dont want to continue because it’s so hard to be committed to such a hard workout and eating healthy, but then i look in the mirror and think, i have to keep going. This method works. Try it.

  74. Ethel says:

    Please, please, please. Just bring Inhale back – you will be the best channel on Earth!

  75. Jan says:

    There is NO yoga on tv that comes close to this class. I have been disappointed since this left the air and have been relying on old taped shows. Please reconsider bringing this back to oxygen.

  76. Liz says:

    I have enjoyed Steve Ross and his Inhale show for 9 years. Please bring back the yoga that I love and am so accustomed to! It’s the best yoga – EVER!
    DVD’s would be awesome…!

  77. Jen says:

    Please bring back Steve Ross/Inhale OR release the episodes to DVD format. I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years now, but with small children at home its difficult to get to a class, I’ve tried many many yoga videos and shows and NOTHING compares to Steve Ross’ Inhale. His style is just right for me and so many others. Please, please bring it back!

  78. Stacey says:

    I am turning 40 this year-UGH, I really want to get into shape befor then. I did inhale when it first started and was surprised at how it shaped me up and how fun it was and people were telling me I was glowing! Imagine my horror when I found out that now when I was ready to go back, Inhale is gone and there is no DVD. PLEASE HELP!!! BRING IT BACK!! I promise I will do it faithfully now!!!!

  79. Jeff says:

    Totally miss this show. Nothing else out there compares. Please bring back show or make DVD’s available.

  80. Catrina says:


  81. CarylAnn Apsey says:

    I don’t understand the problem or why the yoga program “Inhale with Steve Ross”
    has been taken off of Oxygen can’t be ratings…compared to other shows you have…horrible programming and re runs of Roseanne ???really???
    Please bring his show back!

  82. J. Guinn says:

    In an age where hateful and catty reality TV fills the majority of our prime time viewing hours, ‘Inhale’ provided an all too rare (and much needed) alternative. It was a program that encouraged people to cultivate healthy exercise habits and find mental balance. I understand that there is a demand for the shows currently being aired on Oxygen but are people really tuning in for shows like ‘Dance your A** Off’ and ‘Snapped’ during the early morning time slots? Please bring back ‘Inhale’ or release a DVD compilation of episodes.

  83. Kriss Jones, PhD says:

    Please bring Inhale with Steve Ross Back. He helps many people including myself. I have been doing yoga with Inhale since 2004. Please check your ratings and you will find that people were tuning in and are waiting to boost your ratings again with Inhale. Take off those other shows they are really lame. Inhale is the TRUTH!!!!!!

  84. lynn says:


  85. C.Gibbs says:

    Helps me very much that I’m an American Veteran, and uses the show to relieve stress.
    I have not watched Oxygen that the Number one show for me is no longer available.
    Tell me why the show was axed.

    I will write to the sponsers next for assistance in getting the INHALE program back on.

  86. Jc says:

    I think it is unacceptable to take such a great program of the air. Furthermore, you have replaced it with “bad girls club” REALLY!

  87. Claire says:

    Dear Oxygen, please return Inhale to your regular morning programming or make it available for purchase or download. Myself and hundreds of other fans of the show would be thrilled to have access to Inhale again, even if it means paying for the privilege.

  88. Ron says:

    please bring inhale back

  89. Shelly says:

    Bring this show back please. I have followed this yoga from this show for 8 years and do not like any of the other yoga styles available. This show needs to return or a dvd made.

  90. michaela says:

    Inhale yoga changed my life. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. There truly is no experience like it!

    I would give anything to be able to obtain a complete collection of episodes…

  91. Tricia says:

    Steve Ross inspired me and my husband to try yoga. I can’t believe Inhale is gone. I thought Oprah was all about keeping the “good stuff”. Who cares about stupid reality shows? Steve Ross and Inhale made you feel good about yourself and helped you get healthy. Please bring him back. There is not another yoga experience on TV like Steve Rosss and Inhale.

  92. Shannon says:

    I did Inhale to get in shape for my wedding and continued to do it until I became to pregnant and to big to do it. This was around Feb of 2010. But I wasn’t too worried because as soon as the baby was born I was going to pick it up again. But, to my utter dismay, oxygen canceled Inhale right before I gave birth. So here I sit almost seven months later tiring to remember how to do all of the yoga, and still 30 lbs over weight. Please Please Please bring back inhale!!

  93. Elizabeth says:

    A year and a half ago I found Inhale and initially thought it was beyond me. I fortunately saved 3 episodes and still faithfully do them twice a week, and it has made a real change in my life. Steve’s style and the music set Inhale apart from other yoga classes. Please bring Inhale back – it is a wonderful program.

  94. S. Miller says:

    Please bring Inhale back. You have a large audience. Facts that it worked. What does it take to bring back something that has a big demand and a large following. A BIG market place to bring Steve and this show back. In a crazy world. busy day’s it was nice to know you could turn to oxygen for an hour of peace of mind training, a way to breath , find a center to work calmly from. I am hoping that someone is listening to the need to bring this back. It is needed. It made a difference. Right now Oxygen is known as dissappointing many faithful watchers. People who want to take their health seriously. In a business world I think a smart sale would be to meet the demand of the market place. Please open up that morning Inhale network again..

  95. Nancy says:

    Steve Ross and Inhale were the best part of my daily routine. Please bring Inhale back, or release the DVD’s of Inhale for the loyal yoga lovers. There is no one like him…what a difference he made in my life and so many others. Namaste!

  96. Kelly says:

    Please bring back Inhale or put it on DVD for all of the loyal followers to purchase!

  97. Sarah says:

    Please bring back Inhale or offer DVDs of previous episodes. Yoga provides something that you don’t get with a cardio or weight lifting workout – it provides stretching and a fluidity of movement that leads to stress relief. Plus Steve just makes it fun instead of boring. I have taken yoga classes and all of them focus on static poses and use new age music. I love how Steve has you hold a pose until you think you can’t and then you move into a new pose working different muscles all while listening to good music! The deep stretching segment was always just amazing – I gained flexibility that I hadn’t had since I was a teenager. Please bring it back!

  98. Tracey says:

    I see many plees to bring Steve Ross’s Inhale show back on the Oxygen channel, yet it is still nowhere to be found. I have been following his show for years, and can honestly say my back has suffered without the show. Had I known it was being taken off the air, I (and many others OBVIOUSLY) would have taped 10 or 12 shows in advance. What is the plan – is Inhale going to return?
    It was refreshing to have something like this on TV and I am very disappointed and will not support the Oxygen channel until you hear your audience and return Inhale.

  99. Laura says:

    What kind of insanity prompted the decision to remove this show from the air? Bring Steve Ross back and perhaps fire the simpleton who wanted to take it off the air!

  100. Cecelia says:

    I am a personal trainer and I tell all my clients to check out this show that it is amazing. Now I find out it is gone and that really sucks. Thank goodness I had DVR episodes so that I can keep up my practice but I still really think you need to put this show back on or put it on DVD so what we can continue to enjoy it.

  101. Kelly says:

    Please bring back this incredibly positive and motivating show. I have been a follower of the program for almost as long as it has been on and I have not been able to recreate the amazing workout I get from this show. Please either put it back on the air or allow for DVDs to be made. I would purchase them in a heartbeat.

    You listened to your viewers when this show was pulled off the air once before (I was one of them!). Please show your viewers that we are valuable once again and allow us access to this show.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  102. Natalie says:

    Please put inhale back on the air or release the episodes on DVD.

  103. Laura says:

    Please recognize the passions of so many people to get back Inhale.

  104. Allison says:

    My back has not been the same, I beg you to bring back Inhale!!!!!!!

    Please help us, we need Steve Ross’s Inhale! Please, please, please!

  105. Lareesa says:

    Please bring Inhale back to Oxygen. I miss the show and what it does for me. I don’t know anyone else with Steve Ross’s style of Yoga. I am in need of my daily yoga fix.

  106. Mike and Kay says:

    Please bring back Inhale with Steve Ross

    We are in the midwest. Can”t drive to California or where ever for his class.

  107. John says:

    I have completely stopped watching the O channel since you took inhale off the air. I used to watch it quite often many times even watching silly movies or shows that I would never normally watch but I did simply because the tv was on that channel and I would get sucked into them. I have literally not stopped the remote one time on Oxygen since the removal of Inhale. Please bring it back.

  108. Linda says:

    Please bring Steve Ross and Inhale back to your channel. If not, can you make tapes/cd’s available for purchase? Our DVR has died and we are desperate to feel better again.
    PLease respond

  109. Annie says:

    Please bring back inhale. I’ve been watching the show for 6 years or so and miss it. I moved and the few that I had recorded were erased. Please bring it back!

  110. Meredith says:

    Dear Oxygen,
    This was the best show on your network, I am so upset that it’s gone! Steve Ross has such a huge following. Please consider putting it back on air. It was the best way to start a day. I loved to dvr it and do yoga after a stressful day at work. I wonder how you made the choice to get rid of this program, while continuing to show such an intellectual masterpiece like The Bad Girls Club. Seriously? People were dependent on Steve Ross. We love Steve Ross!!!

  111. Renee says:

    Loved this show. Loved the variety Steve used to lead the class. Loved everything about the class. Really miss having access to the class to keep me in shape.

  112. Janet says:

    Please bring back the Inhale program. I love it. I tried many of the products advertised during this show, but now I no longer watch during this time. Or why not sell episodes on info-mercials? I’d buy the whole series. If getting the music rights released is a problem, why not provide different music to the old episodes? Isn’t Steve Ross a musician? Thank you for your consideration.

  113. Heather says:

    I just discovered Inhale last year, about two months before it was canceled. It brought peace to my days and I actually looked forward to the workout.

  114. Stephanie says:

    As someone who’s been watching the Inhale program for years, it has made a huge difference in my fitness as well as the health of my knees (which after years of dancing required surgery). Please bring the show back or release the series to DVD.

  115. Debbie says:

    Please bring back Inhale or provide options on DVD or at least provide a statement as to why the show was cancelled. We need to start our days with positive motivation and exercise.

  116. Karen says:

    Bring Inhale back!

  117. Dawn says:

    I miss Inhale so much!! After taking the summer off for back surgery, I’m just getting back into yoga and so need my morning fix!

    The other yoga shows are too short and the music is wayyyyy too sleepy!!

    Please, please bring back Steve!!

  118. Erin says:

    Please put this show back on the air! It means so much to so many people!

  119. Lisa says:

    Please bring Inhale back. You are letting so many people down. We love Steve and what yoga does for our minds and bodies. Please reconsider.

  120. Donna says:

    I can’t believe with all the responses you are getting from us inhale devotee’s that it is taking this long to put Steve Ross back on the air. There is not one show on oxygen that can replace him.. I refuse to watch your channel until he returns.

  121. leah says:

    Bring back Inhale u greedy noobs!

  122. Nancy-Leigh says:

    Please put this program back on the air. I cannot believe that this show is not on the air anymore.

  123. laura says:

    with the world filled with all this uncetainty why take something off the air that helps people cope with everyday life. please bring it back.

  124. Wendi says:

    As a devotee to Inhale, I would love for this network to bring Inhale back. It would be wonderful if Oxygen/NBC Universal could sign a new contract with Mr. Ross and create more episodes. Please consider this option.

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