Relaxation: A Daily Treat

Have you ever wondered why Steve ends each class with a relaxation session? Sure, it’s restful, but what does relaxation have to do with yoga?

Relaxation is a key component of yoga. Relaxation stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, which triggers the healing centers in your body. Relaxed breathing reduces your heart rate and calms the mind.

How do I get relaxed? Lie down on your back. Get your spine as flat and straight as possible. Keep your legs apart and separate your arms 45 degrees away from your body, palms up.

Close your eyes and slowly relax every part of your body. Gently breathe through the nose as you release any tension from your mind and body.

A relaxed mind allows us to relate better to people and things around us, giving us a sense of well being. A tense body/mind can contribute to ill health.

Relaxation is one of the most powerful healing techniques found in yoga.

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