Waiting to Inhale by Regina Preciado

My back foot goes where? Curl my arm under my thigh? BALANCE?

My leg wobbles so much I’m sure I’m about to fall over. I’m discovering all kinds of tiny muscles in my feet and ankles that I never knew existed.

Just when I’m about to scream or die, Steve leads us out of whatever contortion we were in and we return to the comfort of Downward Dog. AAAaahhhhh.

That was my first yoga experience — ever. Staness, the producer/director for Inhale on oxygen, was looking for an absolute beginner to put on the show. However, that beginner first had to survive Steve Ross’ 90-minute class in his Brentwood studio.

To my surprise, I not only lived through this audition, I loved it. I’d always thought yoga was boring — but Steve’s music, sense of humor, and “power yoga” style made all the difference.

The First Taping
I joined the group of other yoga students in Wardrobe (that’s what we say here in Hollywood: “Be in Wardrobe at 1:30.”). We donned our assigned outfits and trooped out to Hair and Makeup, where the artists arranged our hair in strange styles and painted our faces for television.

At first I worried that I’d feel exposed, doing yoga in front of all those people. The cameras didn’t bother me — I don’t even notice them. It was the crew. I work with these people and now they were going to see my belly!

Five minutes into the show, I forgot about the crew. It took all my concentration to find the best way for my body to hold the position. My triceps protested each pushup on the way to an upward dog. My hamstrings refused to straighten.

And I was having a blast.

Six Weeks Later
It’s amazing to me how much I’ve improved just doing the hour of yoga two or three times a week. I’m more flexible than I’ve ever been in my life, and I’m stronger, too.

The best part has been a mental shift. When I began, I was self-conscious about my body, particularly my tummy. After several weeks of doing yoga with my belly hangin’ out of those tiny little tops, I’m not only OK with it, I’m loving it.

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